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2-Week Stint at a Marine Reserve

Going to Danjugan to swim with the fishes and  turtles!

I think I’m the only one who doesn’t have a biology degree. Admit it. Nursing is a bit unrelated… And then they asked me to apply for a full-time position as a coordinator of a program they’re setting up. *died-of-happiness*

Then reality slapped me back to life. More decisions to make, apparently.


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Wake up call

My mom’s been dragging me to various events & projects lately. (I get my volunteering fervor from her, I think. ) This in addition to my following up license registration & processing.  Used to do this all the time in college  - one project or activity after another - with student government & various organizations, but I think I got used to the laxity of just having review & the occasional GP activity. So this week blindsided me a bit. Caught unawares. Hate it. Must get back into more projects.


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No. :( I respect your right to freedom of expression, but violence is NEVER necessary.

Watching CNN last night… Anderson Cooper reported he & his cameraman got into some trouble, getting kicked, pushed around and chased.Protesters tried to take their camera away, not noticing Anderson was capturing it all on his camera phone. Several other journalists have had similar problems in Cairo. :/

While I respect the various groups’s right to assembly, to protest over the state of their country and to choose their leader, I wish they would do it peacefully. I’m worried that because of the violence, the people’s voice and their reasons for protest will be overshadowed.

Ousting a leader with people power & no bloodshed - it’s been done before. Here in my country. And in other places as well. They can do it in Egypt. It can happen anywhere when people have the same hopes & dreams for their nation.

I’m hoping there will be a better alternative in making their pleas and demands heard. Something better than the violence. Also hoping for a good conclusion for everyone in Egypt.

It's Time to Head for the Exit Sign

When persons around you drag you down, fill you with doubts, question what you're doing and generally make you feel like crap... 


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One Summer in Italy, That Would Be a Dream

If I could spend one summer anywhere in the world, it would be in Italy. Why? Because it's Italy. One summer is even long enough to get your fill of this land, its people and its culture. You can't get enough of it in a few days. Trust me, I tried my damnedest.

A beautiful country that's just waiting for you to fall in love with it, Italy will hold you captive within days (even hours?) of getting to know it. There is always an event to go to, architecture to see, people to talk to, gorgeous views to capture on film.

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Taking on 120 Films in 2010

Anyways, this year has brought similar observations, new favorites and a few of the usual cringe-fests.
This is like last year's challenge, but with more new films. For 2009 I did 100 films, finishing the last 40 or so in two months. It may not seem that much, but try doing it while having 8-hour class days and exams and family vacations. One thing that's good about 2010's challenge was I didn't have to cram the last few movies in a week. No headaches and eye strains to report.
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It's that time again when you're on the verge of saying your farewells and lighting up the skies with hellos to a beginning. And in these last days of 2010, it's been an eye-opener.

December 31st is that day when you've gone from shaking your head at the mistakes made and problems overlooked to that forehead-smacking instant when you realize the obvious solutions. Ooooh, you think, now I get it.  But then it is also the time when you finally see what the madness has led to - the new friendships, stronger convictions, that fire made of determination to get things right this time around.
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Where no one knows your name...

Yes, this would be ideal.

Discovering a place where no one knows your name is just one of the reasons why traveling is so liberating.

When I visit new places & meet new people, it is almost like a clean slate. You get to be who you are without having to adjust to society. And there's just this feeling of getting to put your best foot forward, b/c of the high you get when you're in this new place.  

The possibilities are there, but they seem magnified, more realistic when you've let loose. I feel free from the expectations everyone piles on me. Free to choose my own path without having to explain myself repeatedly; all because I don't fit the stereotypical mold they've set.

Going somewhere always feels like a new beginning, a release, that moment when you let your breath out after holding it for so long. It's a chance to start over even for a little while. These are the musings of an individual stuck in a small city aka the haven of small-minded gossipy people who have no clue what the bigger picture is and are determined to make me conform to their ideal lifestyle .

I am not a clone & I will escape. Preferably to that somewhere unseen on the horizon.

- marian16rox

In short bursts of flashbacks, I remember. The piles of sunshine-filled photos take up space on my floor.

Echoes of laughter, stories by a fire, makeshift huts propped against coconuts, waiting for winds so we can sail, war stories and sunburns, powdery sand between our toes, falling asleep under the cloudless night sky, walking to the island during low tide, swapping phones and sharing ipods, comfortable silences, shouts of glee, sprays of saltwater while sailing, floating in the middle of the sea, seashells and sandcastles, jumping over crashing waves, cold beers at hand, snorkeling over small reefs, doodles in the sand, constantly taking pictures, icy mixed drinks in pitchers, counting falling stars, whispering wishes and insanity, late night conversations, making memories by the shoreline.

We could have gone on forever, I just know it.

Some would say it's a bittersweet notion, for those days did know an end. But they're still around, giving us something to smile about in oddest of moments, in the quiet of the night. Mere pieces they may be, but golden nonetheless. A reminder of good things and a promise of tomorrows brimming with warmth; of days and nights brimming with riotous elation. 

And maybe we'll find ourselves baking in the sun again. Yes, I think we will.

- marian16rox
Yes. This would be nice. I wish all my plans - from academics to NGOs to personal reveries -  would work out.


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