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It's Time to Head for the Exit Sign

When persons around you drag you down, fill you with doubts, question what you're doing and generally make you feel like crap... 


There will always be those individuals in your life that pretend to care, just to watch the train wreck up close.  They'll try to insinuate themselves into your business, talking the talk and never actually giving you any word of wisdom. Preachers on their pedestals, despite the fact they've never truly had to deal with problems of their own. Because if they've been there (you know, wherever darkness you are in right now), they'll talk of the reality and not of contempt. Those who have faced the dark bits of life. listen to them, they won't be preaching. They'll be listening and will speak the (sometimes hurtful) truth without making you feel like shit.

But the preachers speak like experts, condemning you to self-doubt, when in reality they've never really had that much experience in life. Actual messy, chaotic life. So when those persons come around, dispensing wisdom like they're Gandhi, ask yourself if you want to be there when they're spouting off the bullshit.  Because if they've never been in your situation, they won't understand your POV or decisions. 

People can be poison, crushing your dreams and dismissing your ideas with their take on life. They've most likely lost their imagination, if they're putting down yours. And usually the "advice" they'll say will neither be constructive nor insightful, just more white noise. So choose the ones that make you see the light and stick around when everyone else is turning their backs. Choose the ones with good hearts and truths (no matter how gritty or painful) and an honesty about flaws/mistakes.

Yes, there are those well-meaning ones going for the tough love approach. The difference between tough love and just plain downers is that with tough love they actually make you see what's wrong and point you in a good direction. Downers just keep on hating, laying blame, giving high-and-mighty advice - that they themselves can't follow - all without ever really telling you what the hell you're doing wrong. Their crap that has no place in your reality.

People can be bitchy hateful twats, who want to make themselves feel better by bringing you down. Misery loves company and they probably think you're good company. So burst their bubble and tune out their drama.

The doubts will come, but if you know yourself, they'll fade away as you stand strong and believe. Trust and have faith - in you, your choices, your true friends, in family, in the path you've chosen. The negativity isn't worth your time. You've got better things to do, like  chasing your dreams.


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Jan. 24th, 2011 05:01 am (UTC)
That was quite the entry. Heh.

I almost never have anything worthwhile or meaningful to add to anything that other people say and that seems to be more noticeable on your entries. Heh. Oh well.

I just hope that you actually do "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk". It's not my place to doubt you, but I wish you luck on your journey. (The "journey of life" or something.)

Keep on fighting the good fight!
Feb. 3rd, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
:) thanks. i know, i'm always rambling,but i guess it's more to myself than anyone really. a reminder of some sort.

It's hard to walk the walk but lately, it's been necessary. Especially distancing myself from these kinds of people. Burning bridges & so forth. Maybe when they're not so plastic, I can hang out with them again. I just need to focus on my plans rn. And I'm human so things get shaky sometimes when people try to criticize ideas, as if to them everything is impossible... Avoiding that for now. It's why I haven't been on Facebook as of late. lol.
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