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Taking on 120 Films in 2010

Anyways, this year has brought similar observations, new favorites and a few of the usual cringe-fests.
This is like last year's challenge, but with more new films. For 2009 I did 100 films, finishing the last 40 or so in two months. It may not seem that much, but try doing it while having 8-hour class days and exams and family vacations. One thing that's good about 2010's challenge was I didn't have to cram the last few movies in a week. No headaches and eye strains to report.
This year wasn't so bad, because basically I started listing down movies from the very beginning. Several of the movies I watched on a plane in January, when I decided I'd go for 100 again. When I got home, my niece and nephew complained that it wasn't fair, because I got an early start. We decided on 120. Originally my nephew wanted it to be 150, but I remembered the headaches I got last year from watching 4-5 movies in a row on my computer. Needless to say I vetoed the 150-movies-in-2010 idea.
“New” meaning flicks & documentaries that I haven’t seen from start to finish.So it's not necessarily a list of films made in 2010, but movies I've just gotten around to watching from beginning to end.
The asterisk (*) means the film was a documentary. What I've realized is that while my favorites and the great loves of the movie-watching side of me are of the cult hits variety, I generally prefer watching documentaries when it comes to movie marathons. Idk why. maybe b/c it's less tiring for me due to the straight-to-the-facts style of documentaries. In a single viewing though, I like regular movies.
  1. Adam
  2. Deathproof
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. The September Issue*
  5. Funny People
  6. Fame
  7. Legion
  8. Valentine's Days
  9. New York, I Love You
  10. A Perfect Getaway
  11. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
  12. Whiteout
  13. The Stepfather
  14. The Blind Side
  15. Point Break
  16. Persuasion
  17. Red Doors
  18. The Architect
  19. More Than a Game*
  20. Cool Hand Luke
  21. Dear John
  22. When  in Rome
  23. Like Water for Chocolate
  24. Tony 'n Tina's Wedding
  25. Emma
  26. The Boat That Rocked
  27. Leap Year
  28. Did You Hear About the Morgans?
  29. Asylum
  30. Seducing Mr. Perfect
  31. Clash of the Titans
  32. Daybreakers
  33. The Fourth Kind
  34. Date Night
  35. War Games: The Dead Code
  36. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
  37. Northanger Abbey
  38. Red Water
  39. Wishing Stairs
  40. Iron Man 2
  41. Day of the Dead
  42. My Father
  43. Punisher: War Zone
  44. Duplicity
  45. The Losers
  46. The Back-Up Plan
  47. Planet B-boy*
  48. The Brave One
  49. Invictus
  50. Noy
  51. How to Train Your Dragon
  52. Fight Night
  53. The Beauty & the Briefcase
  54. Another Cinderella Story
  55. She's the One
  56. The A-Team
  57. Land of the Lost
  58. Wake
  59. Karate Kid
  60. Hot Tub Time Machine
  61. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil
  62. Taken
  63. Midnight Bayou
  64. The Last Airbender
  65. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  66. The Great Escape
  67. Coraline
  68. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging
  69. It Might Get Loud*
  70. Battle in Seattle
  71. Killers
  72. Don't Look Back*
  73. Iron Will
  74. Little Manhattan
  75. Young at Heart*
  76. Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music*
  77. Hacking Democracy*
  78. A Decade Under the Influence*
  79. Youth in Revolt
  80. Surrender
  81. Death at a Funeral
  82. Meteor Storm
  83. Grown Ups
  84. Air Guitar Nation*
  85. Monsters vs. Aliens
  86. Letters to Juliet
  87. The Other Guys
  88. Babies*
  89. Triumph of the Nerds*
  90. The Expendables
  91. The Soloist
  92. Legend of the Guardians
  93. Machete
  94. Knowing
  95. Vampires Suck
  96. The Full Monty
  97. The Last Song
  98. Virtuality
  99. A Cry in the Dark
  100. Race to Witch Mountain
  101. Holes
  102. Hachiko : A Dog's Tale
  103. By The People: The Election Of Barack Obama *
  104. You Again
  105. Jonah Hex
  106. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  107. Mothman
  108. Major Movie Star
  109. Takers
  110. Going the Distance
  111. Skyline
  112. Due Date
  113. The Social Network
  114. Unstoppable
  115. Kick-Ass
  116. Despicable Me
  117. Rudy
  118. Trekkies*
  119. The 11th Hour*
  120. Crude*
I'll get back to you on my thoughts about the list. And the ones I loved best. :) Maybe I'll do a worst list if I'm not too lazy.


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