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bleeding hearts & tragedies

maintaining my sanity through words & art

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- marian... freak, loser, acti...and i embrace my weirdness, as well as my jedi destiny.
- a multi shipping fandom geek & crazed vidder [youtube]
- a writer? i write stuff. words are my graffiti. blogs are my canvas.
- shutterbug who loves making fanart & graphics..
- an EARTH WARRIOR, Greenpeace-SolarGeneration volunteer, climate activist, ocean defender, tree hugger
- usually happy, always VEGETARIAN & still a TOSP kid
- music lover who's dysfunctional with a dash of hyperactive.
- just dazed & confused by all the drama
- not a talker, unless with close friends. alcohol may be given to induce rants.
- a perfectionist nerd who slacks more than studies
- slightly frustrated, trying to come up with solutions, looking for answers in this pieced-together film reel of emotions, comedies, triumphs, mistakes & tragedies
- loving starry nights & lazy sunny days
- a pErsOn of ContradictionS
- an iDeALisT & daydreamer, reincarnated beach bum
- a fan of activists, cherries & berries, nature appreciation, mixed drinks & "hanging out"
- a bookworm drum-playing insomniac (5am = bedtime)
- a movie freak + tv addict
- draws, sketches & doodles

I think there r good & dark things in everyone, some of us are just more upfront about it.
I like my happy delusions, get off my case.

My biggest dream involves me working for an NGO. Maybe Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, ICRC, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth. Humanitarian work (so that my degree could be put to good use & still make me feel happy) and fighting for the environment are my biggest passions. Getting to do that for a living, everyday for the rest of my life, would make me the happiest person. Ever. :P
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